Undercover boss

Top rated TV show during time slot

Each episode features a high-positioned executive or the owner of a corporation going undercover as an entry-level employee in his or her own company. The executive changes appearance and assumes an alias and fictional back-story. The fictitious explanation for the accompanying camera crew is that the executive is being filmed as part of a documentary about entry-level workers in a particular industry. They spend approximately one week undercover, working in various areas of the company’s operations, with a different job and in most cases a different location each day.

Life as it is

Top rated TV show during time slot

“Life as it is” is a documentary reality of ordinary life problems and events that every man is experiencing in his mature growth. “Life as it is” shows life, through the eyes of different people. Each season is broadcast in 12 to 15 series, devoted to one topic. How different people overcome the same difficulties, how they change as a result of experience, how their specific features are designed the way they react to reality, why things never become as people imagine it and how sometime dreams come true – everything happens with genuine emotion in the series of “That’s the Life”.

What a wonderful day

Top rated TV show during time slot

The colorful and smiling women’s talk show, with two hosts, broadcasted from the studios of bTV from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 11.00 with the active participation of the spectators. Iva Doichinova well known from the “Mum’s hour” show and Vasko Mavrikov lead together and separate different headings. They are representatives of female and male point of view of all life’s questions.  The show has thematically segments where the hosts offer curious, various and positive information. The show has live phone and internet connection through the web site and the forum. With those connections we can follow the reactions and comments of the audience on a specific theme.

Mum’s hour

Top rated TV show during time slot
“Mum’s Hour” is a one hour talk show, aired from 10.00 on bTV. The show is assisting the Bulgarian mothers in finding the best balance between the love of the child and its requirements for good education and raising. Every single show contains three main themes: children psychology and educational “tricks”; the situations faced by parents and the last theme provides specific knowledge, needed by women in order to cope with everyday life’s challenges. Young mothers take part in the show – they discuss their problems with the motherhood and raising of the children. Different experts i.e. doctors, psychologists, social workers, advice mothers on various issues. In 2008, “Mum’s Hour” is awarded in the category “Magazine shows” at the Eighth media festival “The Eighth Muse” in Sofia.

Our girls – Footballer’s wives

Top rated TV show during time slot

Completely new, not created till the moment documentary-reality format for the young audience, where the characters are attractive and popular beauties – football players’ wives. The series comprises 13 one hour shows introducing the spectator in the private life of some of the most popular football families in our country and narrating, in a realistic and dynamic way, the story of the emotions, the ambitions and challenges of their lives.

 Our girls – Stars from the covers

Top rated TV show during time slot

Our girls – stars from the covers” like the previous season of documentary reality “Our girls – football wives”, again shake the air of bTV with glamorous beauties and sincere emotions. The hottest women from the men cover’s magazines were the new characters of the format.Provocative and sensual this time the girls revealed not only their bodies but had the courage to lay bare their souls to the audience of bTV. Unique scenes from the personal life of beauties were shown. The stories touched the most insensitive critics of the girls. Reality follows moments of the life of erotic models that not only pose for magazines but at the same time raise their children, care for their relatives and do the most normal and common things. The girls are telling what is behind the brilliance, success and luxury.

Dangerously Close – Lili Ivanova

Top rated TV show during time slot

The documentary series cover the life of Lili Ivanova in 10 one hour episodes tracing back the course of her artistic carrier of a worldwide famous Bulgarian singer. The format is unique for the Bulgarian ether and relates in an objective manner the life of this enigmatic personality. The format itself and the method of shooting reveal to the spectator an image of the star that is less familiar to the media and the public. Lili’s emotions and conception of the world outside the scene are in continuous interaction with her professionalism and calm confidence during the concerts. The spectator gets acquainted with her own thoughts, appreciations and impressions concerning life and scene, as well as with her stories and memories bringing back people from her close circle in the course of the years.


The most beautiful and tasty place. Colourful and playful cooking-show with Yoli as host – a beautiful woman, musician and artist-cook. With her sparkling personality she gives marvelous ideas how to cook with ease, fantasy and pleasure all kinds of dishes for special occasions.


 A weekly TV foreign affairs magazine and website made by a global network of 50 video journalists contributing unique stories within the same broad theme.


Unique televised experience that shows the life of five women. A story that never been showed. Each woman receives video camera. Camera which became her confessor. Women of different ages and at different stages of their lives. Five women who do not know each other.

In development


Once upon a time, they met.
Not entirely by chance. They’ve been through a lot together and still keep the memories of all those times. They depended on each other in difficult times.  Really close in the past, they lost track of each other. 

 In development

Romeo and Juliet from Thracia

A real life road-movie trough Thracia with two young people whose passionate love is determined by the brutal tradition of an old gypsy clan. The “Kalaidji” gypsies are a special kind of Roma-group, living across the Thracian valley of the Roses in southern Bulgaria. The project is one of 30 selected projects from all over the world at the leading documentary film festival IDFA in Amsterdam

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