About us

“Supernova Media” is a Media Production Company established in 1999 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company has been succesfully active on the Bulgarian market since 2006.

“Supernova media” creates and produces many documentaries and corporate/commercial films, over 1400 hours of daily talk show programming, and more than 190 episodes of Doc-reality series for leading TV-channels in Bulgaria and The Netherlands.

“Supernova media” has won numerous prestigious awards both domestically and internationally. Our productions are recognized as some of the most popular and positive shows in Bulgaria. The company has been a proud parthner of UNICEF since 2009.


Viewers about us

Comment on the bTV web site about “Life as it is”:

“…”Live as it is” is my favorite show on bulgarian TV. Every episode is about real life with all it’s highs and lows. There is no other emotional and positive show like this. Congrats!”

…about “It’s a wonderful day”::

“…Every single day I can’t wait for you to wake me up with your smile and positive energy! You make my day!”

Viewers comment on the Facebook page of “Ulisima”:

“…I have such great fun with Yoli and I started to cook with pleasure and a smile! And my husband loves me more and more! “Ulisima” is the best cooking show ever!”


 Daily Talk show

  • Mum’s hour” – 1 hour daily talk show, aired from 2007 –2009 on bTV, awarded “Best talk show” 2008 at the “Eight Muse Festival”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • “It’s a wonderful Day” – 1 hour daily talk show (live),  aired from 2009 untill 2011 on bTV, awarded  “Best talk show” in 2009 at the “The Eighth Muse”festival, Sofia, Bulgaria .
  1. Infotainment show
  • “Metropolis” – 1 hour show, aired in 2011 on Nova TV, Metropolis is a globally produced website and TV show with a correspondent-network of more than 60 young video- journalists from 70 countries across 6 continents. A perfect combination of fun, high-profile stories and authenticity, it combines entertainment with documentary and turns it into edutainment.
  • “Ulisima” – 26 min, aired in 2011 on “Utilisima” – FOX channel. Colourful and playful cooking-show with Yoli as host – a beautiful woman, musician and artist-cook. With her sparkling personality she gives marvelous ideas how to cook with ease, fantasy and pleasure all kinds of dishes for special occasions.
  3.   Documentary series

3.1 “Life as it is” 

  • “Sheinovo Maternity Hospital” – 13 episodes, 2006, bTV. Awarded for “Best Show with real life situations” on the “The Golden Umbrella Festival” 2006, Albena, Bulgaria
  • “The Wedding” – 13 episodes, 2007, bTV
  • “The New borns” – 13 episodes, 2007, bTV
  • “The New Bulgarians” – two seasons of 15 episodes, 2007-2009, bTV. Twice awarded as “Best Reality Program” and “GRAND PRIX” for “Best Entertainment Show” at “INTERNATIONAL MEDIAMIXX FESTIVAL” 2008, Albena, Bulgaria.
  • “The Prom” – 15 episodes, 2008, bTV
  • “First Wedding Night” – 13 episodes, 2010, bTV
  • “The good people” – 9 episodes, 2010, bTV
  • “Foster care” – 12 episodes, 2011, bTV
  • “To be a parent” – 12 episodes, 2011, bTV

 3.2. “Our girls”

 “Our girls – Football wives” – 13 episodes, 2009, bTV

  • “Our girls – stars from the covers” – 10 episodes, 2010, bTV
  • “Our girls – Stars from the screen” – 12 episodes, 2011, bTV

  3.3. Documentary films

  •  “Dangerously close”, (10×48 min), 10 episodes, 2009, bTV, Bulgaria
  • “Balchik summer” – (25 min), focused on the cultural season in the town of Balchik

 4. Corporate films

Over the years, “Supernova Media” has produced various films for commercial or corporate needs. Our company has vast experience in producing original custom-made films of varying lengths. A sample of which are:

  •  “Mayor of Sofia” (30 sec.) – Commercial spot for the campaign commissioned by the Union of the Free Democrats (UFD), candidate for mayor Prof. M. Milanov
  • “Bulgarian Properties” (40 min.) – Corporate film for a Real-estate Company, Sofia
  • “Spirit of Burgas” (30 min.) – Documentary film about the first MTV festival in Bulgaria, 15-17 august 2008